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Soul & Spirituality

When you go through life changing experiences it puts your more in touch with your soul and spirituality. They are like air; you can’t see soul and spirituality but you can feel them and that’s the beautiful part about them.

It may seem impossible to attain but they are the doorway to knowing yourself and the true purpose of your existence. Discover yourself and experience something that you’ve never felt before. Here are the 5 simple applicable ways that can help you to achieve balance in your quest to enhance your soul journey & spirituality:


Your body is nourished all the time then why not your soul? Nurturing your soul can have an immense impact on you as it helps in diminishing negativity and the first step in obtaining a cleansed soul is taking all the negative thoughts out of your mind. A few simple steps that can help with nourishing your soul are:

  • Take a Walk

  • Read a good book

  • Write creatively

  • Drink Green Tea

  • Listen to Music

  • Interact with Nature

  • Enjoy Everything

  • Sing or Dance

  • SPEND SOME TIME ALONE It is said that a person is the most peaceful in his/her alone time. Try to get some alone time every day and even if it means a few minutes; go for it. It is the perfect therapy that relaxes your mind and calms your whole body. Just know that soul & spirituality are correlated and attaining one of them means you have both in your grasp

  • START EXPRESSING GRATITUDE This point holds the key to achieving peace in your Soul. Be happy for what you are and what you have. Often people can’t find peace because they are not pleased with what they have; continuous thoughts of getting more can be the root of depression and unhappiness in life. You will start feeling alive and soulful the moment you start showing gratitude for even the small things in life. Be thankful and grateful for grace and pay it forward.

  • BE PRESENT AND MINDFUL Your existence has a purpose and you need to understand its value. Start living life to its full potential. See each moment as an opportunity to reflect and be present in the moment. While eating, chew mindfully and enjoy each morsel of food-feel as it nourishes all of your cells and gives life to your body. When speaking with someone be there with them fully appreciating the nuances of the communication. Be observant, look around you, and get inspired; as traits like these will help you in your quest for becoming more peaceful in your Soul & Spirit.

  • PRAY - HAVE A RITUAL OF REVERENCE No matter what your faith is; give reverence to something bigger than yourself. Whether you pray to God, you give acknowledgment to the universe or you sit and open your heart in gratitude, you can achieve immense satisfaction and achieve a calm and a stillness you didn’t anticipate. When you can sit somewhere quiet and talk to yourself and get in touch with your heart; it can help you gain peace. Start choosing to love yourself and those around you. See the beauty in others even when it’s a challenge to do so. A soulful and spirited person is like a free bird. Let all the sorrow go, forgive yourself for any mistakes, start forgiving others for their mistakes and soon you will feel light-hearted with a relaxed mind and body.


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