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Brain & Mind Matters

The brain and the mind are often used interchangeably. The mind is a kind of “software” and the brain is a kind of “hardwire”. When the brain is dead, the mind cannot function. Just because the brain is alive doesn’t mean that the mind is being used, or even being used to capacity. Accordingly the best definition of a mind is that it is the state that occurs when the brain is alive and at work. Most of us have no idea what’s really going on inside our heads. What do stress and sleep do to our brains? You actually think differently when you are anxious than when you are happy. Why is it so easy to forget? Why is it so important to repeat new knowledge? When we think of a brain, we often think of a squishy thing that is inside our head and often covered by a cap or a hat. Some think it can be optimized by playing chess, checkers or cross-word puzzles.

When the brain needs to be optimized there are many things one can do to “rejuvenate” it. Mentioned below are some applicable tips that can literally change your life by reprogramming your mind in such a way that you can utilize it to its full potential:


Your mind needs nourishing more than anything else. You can easily nurture it by applying yourself in activities like:

  • Meditation: the best thing about meditation is that it requires no fixed time or place; you can do it anywhere, anytime. It helps in eliminating your mind’s greatest nemesis; Stress.

  • Exercise: what better way to get your body and mind in shape than exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym or a special place; you can essentially do it right in your room.

  • Play strategic games: one thing is that they help you spend some quality fun time, but they also stimulate your mind and helps in bringing sharpness, activeness and balance that your mind requires


Nothing helps more than devoting yourself to bringing positive changes to your life. Your unswerving attitude should be about eliminating all negative thoughts and cleansing the emotions that are overpowering your mind. Once you commit yourself; never back down.


If you are resolute about bringing about a positive change in your life then nothing can stop you from accomplishing that. Stay determined and focused. People often tend to change their decision upon encountering tricky situations; your determination will be your key weapon in fighting against depression and negative thoughts that could act as a plague to your mind or weigh on your brain.

Remember, a mind requires extensive care and proper workout. You need to stay active, do mind-building activities that can nourish your brain. A healthy diet can have an enormous impact on you as well and it is imperative that you keep yourself motivated so that you can achieve your goal of a healthy mind. There’s no time like the present.


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