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The Blind Spot Eliminator

Blind spots, we all have them.

The definition of a blind spot is — an area where a persons view is obstructed.

To be a successful leader or entrepreneur, one can become intimate not only with our strengths, but also with our blind spots; those aspects of our personality or our corporate culture that can derail us. John Maxwell defines a blind spot as “an area in the lives of people in which they continually do not see themselves or their situation realistically.”

It is incumbent upon each of us to identify what’s in our blind spot. Just like in a car, if you can't see around the blind spot, you can crash. However, when you see around them, you may avert crashes and arrive at your destination, safe, sound and potentially, even earlier than you had planned.

Blind spots can limit what's possible, restrict our growth or limit our success. As you work with Illume U, you will see them, you can experience yourselves and your business differently and act in new and unpredictable ways, providing new levels of success through action, fulfillment and results.

Per a Hay Group Study, the senior leaders in an organization are more likely to develop blind spots that can hinder their effectiveness as leaders.

A study by Development Dimensions International Inc. found that 89% of front line leaders have at least one blind spot in their leadership skills.

Because the psychology of the leadership affects the company and staff or the leadership of any organization in any field or industry it’s critical that you practice seeing “what’s in your blind spot”.

And…(because how we do anything is how we do everything), this applies to the family dynamic as well. Thus, the leadership of a family can trickle down to the youngest member.

What’s in your blind spot???


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