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Illume U Consulting

For more than 20 years the team at Illume U has worked in different capacities on business building projects that have included marketing and branding Fortune 100 brands, large private companies and non-profits. Work has also included consulting for companies in the spaces of wellness, efficiency, change, and organizational effectiveness. Some key industries worked in include Consumer Brands, Retail, Direct Marketing, Financial Services and Banking, Construction, Entertainment, and Network Marketing. We serve our customers through coaching, consulting and providing experiential adventures to support individuals and teams in their quest for sustainable high performance.

Our work includes courses on:
• Taking Your Business from $0 to $100 Million 
• How to Build a Strong Strategic Plan
• Business Assessment Made Easy
• Marketing the Big Brand Way on a Small Budget
• The Marketing Bootcamp
• Fostering a Performance Mindset
• Maintaining Your Energy to Achieve Success
Whether your business is large or small we can work with you to transform your results or just take things to another level. 
Some of our previous experience includes:
You are a great potential Illume U Client if you:
• Have a budget and the resources to implement initiatives
• Are committed to experiencing results and are willing to see what’s standing in the way or what can help you to 
   accelerate and achieve complete success quickly
• Are willing to implement a tactical plan
• Have a champion or team member who is tasked with leading growth initiatives

You will achieve:
• Higher sales and profits
• Return on your investment
• More time to focus on what really matters to you
• A systematized approach and process “playbook” for your business
• Sustainable sales and a template for building the business infrastructure for growth
• Peace of mind
• Strategies to get and stay healthy while working your business

Consulting Blind Spots

We have been able to see some of the biggest technological and world changing transformations during our lifetime.  We have had many books chronicle success and failure of the biggest brands; some of them global. During shifts in economic stability, one of the things that commonly occurs with businesses and entrepreneurs is that some shrink, rather than grow. They pull back instead of moving forward. They cut marketing budgets, they cut training and research. They don’t go toward investigating their blind spots-they potentially get mired down in the details of doing the same thing they are already doing-just doing more of it. Of course, there are necessary expense shifts one makes to manage financials.


However, what if a company could get to the "epicenter” of what caused the decline or what was effecting their sales trajectory, who and what the executive team represented to their teams, the corporate environment or where the cultural environment and trends were going and determined what they didn’t know about what they didn’t know—therein lies the secret to using their blind spots to regain their market share.   

In a service based business, when someone works 20% more effectively, then you have gained a competitive advantage which you can use to deliver value to clients or to increase margins. It can make employees happier and more motivated and more loyal towards meeting your targeted goals.


Big and small businesses can do several things to address the blind spots and ride the wave when the environment shifts.

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