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About Illume U

Illume U is focused on delivering results while redefining success in business and life.  We focus on the triple bottom line: profit, people and planet.  


We are social entrepreneurs who choose to use our business to do good and solve social and environmental problems. A Certified Benefit Corporation is to sustainable business what Fair Trade is to coffee and LEED certification is to green building.  We care about our overall “way of being” or the way we conduct business and the products and services we offer. We give 10% of our proceeds away to social cause and social justice organizations.


The purpose of this organization is assist people and organizations globally through coaching and consulting to produce unprecedented results in business and life-that is, a holistic approach to transformation. We share the knowledge, tools and frameworks that enable you and your team to design, share and deliver your strategies. We help you build your conscious brands consciously—through brand development and marketing consulting.  We have deep brand experience with Fortune 500 companies to small non-profits. 

On the personal side, we coach individuals and teams to incorporate transformation into every aspect of their lives, day to day.


In addition to the traditional marketing, lean systems and project management expertise, we use various modalities and are certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming--NLP  (the art and science of excellence) as trainers, and implement a variety of tactics like Firewalking to deliver and get results quickly and sustainably.  We believe in incorporating excellence in whatever we do.

About Your Head Coach

Affectionately called Professor T by her former university students,  and now Dr. Taylor builds BRANDS, businesses and people. Fresh out of business school she conceived of a new business idea and secured funding of only $200,000 – and grew it into a $33 Million dollar business within 18 months at a 18% return on sales. Now she coaches businesses and individuals to identify the blind spots (patterns) and in the process of becoming aware of them, clients can choose to "lose them, or use them" to achieve greater awareness, and ultimately, greater results.

Always in search of Excellence, Taylor has imbued her work with that philosophy no matter the task or project. In addition to the training in Marketing honed in business school and at Fortune 500, private and non-profit institutions, she taught at the University level, obtained certifications in nutrition, wellness and health.  She is a certified trainer of NLP, Firewalking, and a Master Coach.

Taylor serves as your “head” coach on this journey to self and business development and marketing mastery. 

As a powerful speaker and trainer in the areas of leadership, stress alleviation, resilience, entrepreneurial creativity and effective communication.  After an untimely breast cancer scare she transformed her health becoming certified in holistic health, vitamins and supplementation.   She now loves sports activities like white water rafting, wind surfing, zip lining and hiking.  She taught at the University level to inspire young people to "transform" their lives and thinking so they could be their best selves. She is on a special quest to modify the way women handle suffering.  She shares her unique story of resilience and perseverance through several life (and death) changing experiences.

Our goal is to support people to attain fulfillment personally and professionally.

We are passionate about supporting women and men to solve their problems, live their purpose and increase their profits.

How do we do this?

Personally, we help professionals improve their emotional and mental resilience, enhance their energy and overall fulfillment in all areas of life they deem important.  Stress, burnout, upset, depression -- all of these can be major concerns for those serving others (the public, employees, guests, constituents, fans, and even family).  At Illume U we are working to improve the emotional and mental resilience of professionals like you.  We want to help you get, keep and maintain your sense of wellbeing and life balance while you accomplish your goals.  

Professionally, we consult in several areas to enhance and sustain business performance and results.

Contact us if you want to discuss how we can support you now.

  • We have mastery in Communication, translating ideas into marketing results and translating personal strengths into professional strengths. 

  • We are able to get into your world and “see, hear and feel” where you are coming from.  

  • We help you identify and use your "values" to help you get what you want and attain massive results and fulfillment in life and in business.

Want to transform your life or your business from the inside out? Or maybe everything is just great and you want to take yourself or your business to the next level.  If so, call someone who understands the resiliency needed to get and stay on track.  

What People are saying...

Kathy Lewis

Atlanta, GA

I have seen the diligence Taylor has used to pursue an education, one that would actively help support others as they grow inside or outside of Corporate America.  I have also seen her commitment and work to supporting businesses and helping them grow and shift to accommodate changing trends and be more profitable. I highly recommend her as a great investment in your business!

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Charlene Afremow, Landmark Forum and Advanced Course Leader

San Francisco, CA

I have been a global leader of transformation for over 47 years. Success requires self-reflection, agility and innovation. Companies are as strong as the individuals who comprise them. If you seek a leader who is flexible, innovative and has investigated where she's going, who she serves, and who she's being in the 21st century, I would suggest Taylor review your Marketing or Business Strategy. She creates a space for people to look at themselves as a part of the whole, to look at the corporation differently and to accomplish what they never thought possible. The productivity gains you receive as a result will enhance your profits, provide greater employment security and breakthrough results.

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Janita Green

Atlanta, GA

I worked with Taylor to gain insight on how I could increase my overall energy while working on my job and an entrepreneurial venture.  She helped me identify some things I had no clue were even there behind the some well valued clarity and increased my effectiveness, eficiency and even my relationship with myself. Hire Taylor for yourself or your business now!

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Robert Hightower

Chico, CA

Taylor’s energy and enthusiasm are unbridled! I have seen her take something from nothing, grow it and challenge the status quo without rocking the boat, getting folks to think differently. I watched her add value immediately, on-the-spot to small biz entrepreneurs. Her knowledge is vast and ideas so innovative that I wished I could use them all.

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Angelica Ogando

Atlanta, GA

I am a business coach and I know that even coaches need a "Coach" to help them keep on track.  I worked with Taylor who helped me create a plan to move my business to the next level.  She helped me eliminate limiting beliefs that were creating doubt and fear which was hindering my business growth.  In the past year I have seen tremendous momentum in my business as a result of her coaching.  Taylor, thank you! You are amazing.

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Our Philosophy - Illume U is committed to...

Our Stand

  • A world of abundance, happiness, health and partnership.

  • A world where people are fully empowered to live their ultimate values and deepest passions moment by moment.

  • All laugh freely from a place of joy, achieve limitless growth, experience full self-expression, resilience and prosperity while at peace with themselves despite circumstances.

  • All people being aware and supported to get their “why” while acknowledging their own intrinsic genius.  This results in a meaningful experience of life and extraordinary results. Personal responsibility is a honor inside our context of life, we are responsible for what does not work.

  • We make the difference.

    Copyright 2015 Illume U

Illume U Team

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