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Corporate Events

Experiential and extreme seminar adventures and formats are quickly making inroads in Corporate America.  Many recognizable brands and Fortune 500 brands are using firewalking seminars to inspire and motivate their employees-including their CEOs. 


The purpose of these unique and innovative seminars is to create an atmosphere that will push your leadership and teams beyond their present and self-limiting behaviors and thoughts and help them break though barriers that may be holding them back from their true potential. The program is designed to create lasting impact and results through team bonding, team support and increased focus. All these attributes contribute to a stronger bottom line and happier employees.

ILLUME U  seminars have developed many specialized strategies, techniques and activities that will support your goals and provide a framework to improve focus and promote advanced critical thinking skills for your entire organization. This program will give your team the tools to be more present, clear and effective. 

Seminars can be as little as three hours to full day seminars. We specialize in integrating multi day corporate events providing various team-building activities. 

Do you have some issues to resolve with your team? Our Conflict Resolution and Mediation programming can help. Get directly to the heart of the problem through self-awareness, communication and true motivation to resolve situations that are uncomfortable.

We look forward to working with you to develop a customized seminar that will meet your unique needs.

Corporate Wellness

We bring wellness to you.  Whether your group is looking for lunch and learns on specific wellness topics, like ways to healthy eating and snacks, optimize energy, meditations to promote clarity or exercises to stay limber we have something for everyone.

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