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Change versus Transformation
Change can be small and incremental or large and complex. For change to occur, a conscious effort is needed to maintain the actions to get the results. Transformation is almost large and significant and is an internal transition in your beliefs of why you perform certain actions. Transformation doesn't require any external influence to maintain and is likely to be permanent. Whether you use change, or transformation, we have tools for you.

So You Want to Live an Extraordinary Life...

Everyone can be successful! At Illume U, our passion and expertise is to help clients look into their toolbox (body and brain), to gain the insights necessary to increase their performance. Just as in a company each functional area has an impact on the others, the same is so in life. With our unique skills and using our proven coaching methodologies you will:

  • Experience a direct and immediate difference in realizing your goals and make the best decisions

  • Address what matters most to you in your professional and personal life

  • Resolve seemingly difficult issues quickly, leaving you free to move forward

  • Fulfill your goals naturally and quickly

  • Optimize your performance and efficiency

  • Feel better, healthier, and energetic

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a stay at home or full time working mom, a veteran, an athlete, executive, celebrity, lightworker, teacher or minister, people who are living an extraordinary life are often identified as living life on their own terms and typically address six things:

  1. Awareness of the situation and any reasons for necessary transformation.

  2. Desire to engage and participate in the transformation.

  3. Knowledge about how, when and what to shift for transformation.

  4. Implementation of solution, including people and resources necessary.

  5. Sustain change to ensure your plan sticks.

  6. Evaluation: Front and back end reviews to determine results.

Change - Transformation

Could a fear of change propel you towards your goals?


Even nature recognizes the
need for transformation.


Could you use butterflies as a tool for transformation?

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