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Lifestyle Seminars

The purpose of these seminars is to introduce wellness concepts to the general population and our customer base in a group setting.  These symposiums serve the community to enhance health and wellbeing of participants. Increasingly, people are becoming aware that eating can be a sacred communion, giving life to the spirit and health to the body. The workshops also share alternative or complementary therapies and modalities with practical ways on how they can be used to stay or get healthy.  


My Body, My Life, My Design is aimed for the population of people who have been exposed to holistic products and services and want to incorporate more of them into their lives. They are mothers-working or non-working, professionals, managers, executives and business owners. It is aimed at anyone who is seeking to improve their personal knowledge about health and well-being.  This seminar is experiential: thorough and highly effective. “Real world” tools that work are shared and explored.  


Illume U has developed a wellness system that shows you how to manage your wellness plan no matter how much money you have to invest towards it.  Participants can use the methods immediately and put them in place after leaving the seminar as they allow informed decisions right away.


 Some of our previous speakers have been featured in the news recently.

Dr. Taz—Tasneen Bhatia on Kelly and Ryan
Previous Speaker at Illume U Lifestyle Event
Ladell Hill, Founder of Chuice
Previous Speaker at Illume U Lifestyle Event
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