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Change your life in 20 minutes
with Illume's Personal Coaching

You have the edge.

Do you have what it

takes to stay sharp and sustain results?

Change your life in 20 minutes...
  1. Define your vision
  2. Set challenging goals
  3. Create a plan to achieve extraordinary results

In Your Powerful 20 Minute Strategy Session, You Will...

Success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. To be a leader in your field, you have to master your psychology. There are significant blind spots that keep professionals, executives and business leaders from reaching their potential and creating the success they dream of.  We help you identify what you can't see in your life--the common and damaging blind spots that can unravel success today, and create strategies to use new insights to create results.

Start with Being

In the book Start with Why, the author shares that we should begin always with a conversation focused on just that.  What if we chose to step back and focus a little further back—going to the source?  Who are we “being” at any point in time?  This is not just for us to experience well-being and happiness.  It’s the mechanism we can use to address all areas of life we deem important, including our businesses.


  1. Be

  2. Do

  3. Have

Most people live by the paradigm that if you Do certain things, you will Have certain things and then you can Be a certain type of person.  For example a person chooses to go to college, they will then have a college degree and then they can become a generous person.


What if the paradigm were shifted and we practiced Being who we wanted to be on a daily basis-whether that is love, peace, serenity, or generosity.  In other words when we show up that way of being shows up. Or by us “being” that way we create a clearing for others to show up that way also. You ever notice that when you go into an establishment and you are smiling often others will smile back?

Or when a situation starts to get tense you may be able to calm it down simply by being calm and gracious yourself? When you are “being” who it is you say you want or intend to be then what actions will you take and as a result of those actions what will you have?


Be – Who are you being?


Do – What are you doing?


Have – What do you have as a result?


You may practice this model inside all aspects of your life.  

Change your life in 20 minutes...

Did you know that coaching has a 700% Return on Investment?

Some of the world's most successful people (the five percenters), use NLP (Presidents, Celebrities, Athletes, Billionaires) to get and stay ahead of the game.  Imagine that your brain is a computer and your mind is the software that runs it.  NLP allows you to transform limiting beliefs and eliminate negative emotions leading to new actions so your way is clear to experience your best success.


No matter how successful you are, even the most successful use coaches to stay ahead of the game.  We use a well being and engagement framework for your coaching to support success.

We customize an experience just for you...

If your status, lifestyle, or employment does not allow you to seek out traditional coaching services in a crowded office, concierge coaching is for you. Taylor Thierry, your “head coach”, provides VIP concierge coaching to high net worth and elite members of society. No navigating crowded highways, changing your schedule because a last minute meeting popped up outside your office, or busy waiting rooms means no privacy concerns. Meet in the comfort of your own space--Concierge Coaching at it's best, Taylor also provides on-call, in-home and mobile therapy allowing you (and family or team members) to remain in the comfort of your own home or office space while becoming the best you that you can be.

Services are also provided at our conveniently located office in Old Fourth Ward.  Phone and Skype sessions are also available.

Taylor with Mary Anne and Don Shula, Former Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins, the team he led to two Super Bowl victories.

Client Breakthroughs

Francisco Ramirez

Bogota, Colombia

My coaching sessions were excellent! They created such amazing leverage in my life and resulted in me getting focused on my business results which increased about 20%. I especially enjoyed the professionalism and positive energy. I keep these moments in my heart (and my bank account).

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Melana Singletary

Atlanta, GA

I worked with Illume U to resolve my problem with procrastination and distractions. With 24/7 social media access, often I'd get distracted by a "liked" post or video, and instead of taking a 2 min break it turned in to a 42 min break! After my Illume U sessions I felt much more driven and motivated to take care of business and let the distractions fall by the wayside. I can't wait to for more coaching!

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