Veterans Coaching

Wars are Never Fought Alone


Veterans often seek reintegration with family, friends, and the world around them. Illume U offers veterans expert care that combines coaching and wellness strategies to help them reclaim their lives and flourish after military service. 



  • A mechanism to deal with change and tools to “quiet” the mind when necessary

  • Deeper and renewed connections and relationships

  • Financial stability


All coaching is tailored to individual needs and goals of the clients based on an initial comprehensive assessment, as well as ongoing follow-up. Our unique tools can anchor positive feelings, reframe a situation to something more positive, provide a mechanism to change states (from negative to positive) in the moment.

Tolly Burkan, the father of firewalking was requested by the military to consider adding firewalking to basic training.  


Add it to your offerings for our beloved officers and veterans now.

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