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Celebrities are just like you, they firewalk too…

Firewalking has been around for many decades and is widely considered an example of the mind-body connection at work and an example of how we have dominion over ourselves, our brains and bodies-the machines they are and the fire.  Firewalking has been practiced for decades by ordinary people, celebrities, shamans, priests and as a healing ceremony.  The oldest recorded firewalk was over 4000 years ago in India.

Romans were exempted from paying taxes if they could demonstrate their ability to walk on fire without burning.  Kung Bushmen in Africa used fire dance and walking as a healing ritual for their tribes.  In Bali, it is used as a ritual for young girls.  The Greeks and Kahunas of Hawaii are other groups known to use it as a ritual.

Join the ranks of the internationals as the rituals have been practiced from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burma, China, Egypt, Fiji, Greece, Haiti, Hawaii, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tibet, Trinidad and South Africa.  

Firewalking and fire immunity rituals have even been referenced in the bible.  The reference in the Bible says…"Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned?"  (Proverbs 6:28); and, "When thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze." (Isaiah 43:2). 


So what do all of these people and cultures know that we do not?  They use fire rituals and ceremonies in a spiritual way to enhance their wellbeing and build community.

Some people change when they see the light, others when they feel the heat!

Take the walk now!

Firewalking: Adventure for Change

Got Fear?

Channel It!

Experience Your True Self!

There are plenty of actionable steps you can take to strengthen yourself or to will yourself to be afraid less often or of fewer things. When it comes to what you fear, how do you use that feeling to propel yourself forward? Some of us avoid it, some of us are so distanced from our feelings we aren't even aware of their impact on our lives. 

Sure, it's often uncomfortable to think about fear or feeling afraid --which as you notice is often temporary. If someone wanted to engage you in that conversation about what your fears were you would probably step back and at least think about why they were asking you that.


Funny enough, when we are not trying to avoid what makes us fearful or if we just don't notice it in the moment we can often accomplish great things.

Put some sizzle in your walk!

The Benefits of Firewalking by Dr. Andrew Weil

Firewalking is an ancient practice, although no one seems to know just how old it is or where it began. It apparently has been practiced for centuries by shamans, priests, and ordinary folk, as a religious ritual and as a healing ceremony.


Firewalkers walk barefoot over beds of red-hot coals, usually without getting burned. The practice became popular in this country when Tolly Burkan introduced it in 1977. Burkan, a Californian on the mend after his cervical spine was crushed when he was hit by a car, was immediately hooked by what he felt was the transformative nature of firewalking and determined to teach it to others.

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Glass Walking Experience

Glass Walking Event
Illume U Glass Walking Adventur
Illume U Fire Walking event with Taylor Thierry_1024
Illume U Firewalking Adventure with Coach Taylor Thierry_1024

A New Challenge for Self Reflection


The glasswalk requires 100% attention and total focus. It’s an opportunity to go within and reflect on whatever gets you to reach your goals.  It is done slowl and deliberately.  When we focus our minds on a single important task we are able to achieve things we didn’t think were possible.


Glass walking creates a clearing for us to replicate that thought process when another challenge surfaces.  

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