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Unprecedented Personal and Professional Results
Illume U is a global coaching and consulting group.  We partner with clients from the private and public sectors to address your most critical challenges and transform your lives and organizations. We help you achieve peak performance and a competitive advantage that is unprecedented and sustainable.

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The Blind Spot Illuminator

We all have blind spots, an area where our view is obstructed...

What's Important

to You?

Get focused on what matters most to you.

Create Happiness in Business and Life

What is it that makes YOU happy in business and in life?

We Promise Results!

  • 93% have improved their personal performance in doing their job (efficiency, effectiveness, energy, focus, impact, etc.)

  • 94% say that some of the tools and concepts have immediate results and others are easy to apply during their day

  • 95% say the strategies and tools are helpful in both their work and personal lives

  • 90% say the tools, when used have helped them perform better under pressure

Source: Seminar Attendees and Clients

What Clients are saying...

Dr. David Wright

Atlanta, GA

As a physician, I have attended Illume U's workshop and my experience was that it was packed with usable strategies, resources, and tools. In addition, I believe that they have contributed to making my own personal lifestyle choices effective and productive--in a multi-disciplinary approach. I was particularly impressed by the presence of CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta. I also use many of the recommendations & insights suggested with many of my patients. If you are considering a coaching or transformational workshop, then I would suggest those of Illume U.

Tiffany Rothe

Los Angeles, CA

I estimate that I am 20% more effective and productive using Illume U's tools. This is a huge deal for the business, my team and my young family.

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William & Charis Lam

Portland, OR

Illume U is incredible and the positive energy is contagious and the team is confident and competent. With their help and service, you will get what you want sooner than later. If I were you, I'd work with Illume U now!

​Working with Ilume U was such a delight! I felt understood and that I was going to reach the goal I set for myself. Illume's team was thorough and precise which I LOVE! If and WHEN you decide to work with Illume U, they will be a great fit for you. I now know specifically what to do to reach my goal of getting my dream home as well as reaching financial goals! My husband and I both coached with Illume U and will forever be life long friends as well as coaching clients.   -Charis

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Sunny Tran

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I've been a successful business owner for many years. I've done much transformational work and thought I was already there. With this coaching I have seen results in my productivity, performance and health. I have more energy to do what I need to do and feel energized even after international trips.

Showleh Tolbert

San Juan, Costa Rica

I worked with Illume U to have a breakthrough in my career and they helped me to see that I was undermining my own success and allowing my past experiences to limit my future and success in my career. They guided me on a journey of self-discovery and provided insights that were powerful and enlightening. I have seen a profound change in my life and am so grateful for Illume U's dedicated approach to transformational work. I see and feel the impact of the breakthrough work every day.

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Danielle N. Sokol, D.C.

Huntington Beach, CA

Choosing to make changes in my life with Illume U is a decision I’ll always be so proud of myself for making. I can’t explain how it happened but once we identified what I needed, I learned to recognize and clear out the limiting beliefs and decisions that were holding me back from where I desired to be in my career.


Just when I thought we were complete, we pressed on to identify my core values. I learned that all the decisions I make are based on these values and we aligned them so that I can now have what I desire. 


I am confident and 100% certain that Illume U is a coaching company that cares and will do whatever it takes to get any client from wherever they are to wherever it is they intend to go.

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