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Change: most of us resist it, kind of like advice...

It's proven that even positive change can produce stress. It can cause more stress than one can shake a stick at! That's why we do two things: we focus on transformation versus change, and we refrain from giving advice. We coach instead.


  • Companies have gone out of business instead of adapting themselves to change. (ala Blockbuster and Circuit City).

  • Teams have continued to deploy unsuccessful tactics instead of changing their strategies when the game is on the line and seconds are ticking off the clock. 

  • People continue down a path they've chosen simply because they feel too much inertia to shift and change.  Perhaps they say "I've always done it this way, why change now?"

  • Some spend millions of dollars getting degrees and majors they'll never use or stay in careers they will never be happy with, just because of the fear associated with change.

What if you use your fear of change to propel you towards your goals?

How would your life and business look or feel like?

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